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Jurassic Park Advanced Operation Genesis carcand




Move and place parts to build the new Jurassic Park Museum in the Jurassic Valley! Perfect for the player's from across the globe who are creating their own Jurassic Park, you can download the file here! Instructions: 1) Double click on the file to install it. 2) Drop the template onto your map. 3) Set each link to "move" and then move to the next one. 4) If you don't have enough room on your map then simply make a copy of the template and edit it to fit. 5) When done all the links should be set to "move". 6) Right click on each of the links to open up the options menu. 7) Under "topology" select "move". 8) Click "ok" to update the map. 9) Expand your map and edit the template as needed. 10) Download and extract the file to your working folder. 11) Open cp_bp_sv_gut_template.q3map in Q3map. 12) Save the template as cp_bp_sv_gut.q3map The Tyrannosaurus Spatial Autonomic Reprogramming Module (TSAR) is designed to enhance the abilities of a dino. This module has been designed specifically for the larger theropod dinosaurs. Players can choose to use the TSAR or a set of other enhancements available from the Control Panel. The Autobot Command Center is a custom accessory that players can use to enhance their dinos. This accessory is only available in the Cyber Constructor in the main menu under the Utilities menu. The SST-1 Sentinel Custom Mod has been added! This mod can be used to increase the firing rate of an SST-1 Sentinel. New Addon: Players can now design and save their own specific outfit. Only available in the Blaxton Post Office. The cost of the outfit is determined by the outfit's "tier" level. Player's can now build the Trident Bioweapon at the Blaxton Post Office or Blaxton Chemist. The Blaxton Biohazard Facility can now be built at the Blaxton Post Office or Blaxton Chemist. The Trident Bioweapon can



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Jurassic Park Advanced Operation Genesis carcand

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